Choose The Best Products For Male Enhancement


Why do many men want to have a bigger penis? The main reason is their penis is not big enough to satisfy their partner, and also the problem of premature ejaculation becomes the most embarrassing thing for a man. Sometimes a pornographic film can build a man’s view of a larger penis better because it is always said to provide sexual satisfaction with women.

Not infrequently, many men who want to increase the length of his penis and choose to undergo penile surgery. For a man who is passionate about penis enlargement through surgical methods, you should be careful. Penis enlargement surgery is very dangerous that can cause permanent damage to the penis and can cause impotence. I recommend it better to use safer methods like jelqing, supplements or penis pumps. Although it may not give you the most results, at least you will not end up with impotence and a damaged penis.

All right, let’s look at safer enlargement methods at a lower cost than surgery.

Jelqing, This exercise is the safest and easiest method, you can start by stroking your penis while masturbating.

The supplement pill, this is one of the most widely used methods, in addition to making the penis bigger and longer supplements can also help you increase your stamina, libido and keep your penis healthier.

Penis Pump, this method uses a cylinder that envelops your penis that will pull the penis to make the penis larger. This device is safe to use when done following the instructions provided.

Now we will discuss it more specifically, about the best supplements and penis pumps that easily and quickly make the penis bigger.

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus has advantages compared to other penis enlargement supplements because VigRX contained ingredients can improve erectile dysfunction and can make erections harder and longer lasting. By consuming VigRX on a regular basis will increase your stamina on the bed and a stronger libido drive.

VigRX Plus is becoming very popular on the whole worlds and scientifically proven by the doctor, cause VigRX Plus made from 100% herbal ingredients.

There are virtually no significant side effects when you use VigRX Plus as directed unless you have health problems like high blood pressure, kidney and diabetes. Your meal is recommended to consult your doctor before you consume VigRX Plus. For more information about penis enlargement pills you can visit the website

Bathmate hydro pump

The standard of a penis pump is creating a vacuum inside a cylinder tube that can cause blood to flow into your penis. What makes Bathmate Hydromax Series different from a regular air-ball pump?

Bathmate is designed to use water to create a vacuum effect, the use of warm water to form a vacuum has two benefits. First, the warm water encourages expansion that makes pumps work easier. Second, warm water easily opens the pores so it can release the trapped dirt and make your penis healthier.

Now you know that the secret of Bathmate is to add warm water to get faster, effective and safe to use. Let’s take a look at some of the models available from this hydro pump. There are three series of pumps that are circulated in the market namely, Bathmate, Hydromax X-Series and Xtreme Series with several sizes in each model.


Bathmate Hercules was launched in 2006, and this model is the first hydro pump that uses water in penis pump technology.

Hydromax X-Series

With the success of Bathmate Hercules, manufacturers are embarking on innovations by launching X-Series available with three different sizes – the X20, X30 and X40 that can cover the entire size of a man’s penis. With more excellent suction power and better technology than Bathmate Hercules.

Hydromax Xtreme

The best of the best. Hydromax Xtreme comes with a new pumping mechanism with removable pumps and valves, with so little effort to operate this pump. Also, Hydromax Xtreme comes with complete accessories, ranging from storage boxes, penis gauges, cleaning tools, and more.

Well, Here are some reviews about the best penis enlargement I can give you. You want to try it? will it work for you? We will never know if we do not start it.